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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the ability to maximize the number of visitors to your website by ensuring your site ranks within online search engines. SEO is imperative as it saves cost in advertising since your customers can find your company organically through search engines by typing a specific keyword or phrase (also known as long tail keywords). Unfortunately, for business, SEO is not as simple as stuffing keywords on a website and ranking within Google. In fact, according to Tek Eye there are over 1.8 million active websites that are online today. Therefore, for your website to rank within online search engines, you must compete with millions of other sites. Thus, making it imperative that you have a strategic SEO plan that is being implemented to help you to rank.

Don’t freight. Kreative Tribe can help your website rank within Google by doing a full audit and letting you know the different areas that need improvement. There are various factors to SEO such as backlinking, internal linking, content, keywords and even website speed. In addition to helping define areas of improvement, we will give you a guideline of exactly what needs to be done to help your website improve its ranking.

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What is an SEO Audit?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Audit is when we analyze your entire site to find ways that you could better optimize your website for customer to find your business on online search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is beneficial since it allows your business to rank within Google. The thing about SEO is that there are many various factors that you must integrate into your site to increase ranking. These factors include content, backlinking, keywords, site speed, and website authority.

What do we look for in an SEO Audit?

Kreative Tribe does a full website Audit. We examine every aspect of your organization, including but not limited to, current ranking, the number of backlinks and the authority each backlink bring. We also monitor your current contact information and compare it to all online directories to ensure your phone number, address and website URL match. Additionally, we analyze the readability, coding, and speed of your website to ensure that online directory bots (such as Google) can access your website and crawl your pages and content.

How does an SEO Audit help us?

An SEO Audit helps you know which areas you need to improve to increase your website ranking. We will give you a detailed outline of what we find with a list of improvements for your to make on your website. We will go through in detail to ensure that you fully understand the issues, how fixing these problems will improve your website ranking and how to complete all changes. If you wish for us to make the changes, we will be happy to do so although it is not necessary for an SEO Audit. If you want to make the changes on your own, we will be glad to instruct and demonstrate how to make the changes to improve your website ranking.

Just a Quick Tip
You should do regular SEO Audits on your website to ensure your keywords, pages and blogs are being crawled and found to guarantee you are ranking. 

Just a Quick Tip
You should do regular SEO Audits on your website to ensure your keywords, pages and blogs are being crawled and found to guarantee you are ranking. 


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