I completed my bachelors from Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville in 2012. I obtained my degree within the Communications Department of SIUe specializing in Advertising. Immediately upon graduation, I began my career working for small family owned businesses. While working within the Marketing Industry, I have gained expensive experience in Marketing and Website Design. In 2017, I decided to obtain my Masters at Lindenwood within the Communications Department for Promotions. I will have obtained my Master’s Degree in May 2019. I have used the information taught throughout the courses to implement it within my Marketing practices to help locally owned businesses achieve commercial success. This was achieved by allowing the companies I work with to have a competitive advantage within the Marketing field.

Since Marketing and Web Design are two of the passions that I take seriously and strive to constantly improve you can be assured that I will have the most recent knowledge of current trends within the Marketing Industry. By hiring Kreative Tribe, we can guarantee that your business will stand out from the competitors and see significant growth.


Website Design: 

I have extensive experience in Website Design, starting in college over 12 years ago! Since then I have designed and developed over a dozen websites. My favorite method is using WordPress, which is one of the most common means for designing a site.

• WordPress     

• HTML     

• Website Hosting   

• Mobile Friendly


• SSL   

• Transferring Sites     

• FTP File Management

• Website Backups

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): 

SEO is one of the most powerful integrations that you can do for your website. If done properly, SEO will allow you to be found on the first page of online Search Engines for certain keywords. Therefore, allowing you to attract customers to your online storefront for essentially no cost. There is also Local SEO that allows your business to be found locally. I have assisted many businesses throughout the years with a successful SEO strategy.

• Local SEO

• SEO Audits   

• Long-Tail Keyword Analysis 

• Competitor Analysis   

• Link Building   

• Content Management

• Website Speed Optimization

• Sitemap Submission to Top Search Engines

Marketing Strategies: 

Apart of working in the Marketing industry for the last 12 years was constantly testing different Marketing Strategies and learning which are more beneficial for the different types of industries. One Marketing Strategy that may work for one industry (ex. services) may not work within the retail industry. It is imperative to understand your audience and the Market to know exactly what avenues are best for the particular company. That is one area that I have strived in, allowing me to find success with the different companies and clients I have worked with throughout the years.

• Email Marketing 

• Content Marketing   

• Target Audience Analysis

• SWOT Analysis 

• Sales Funnel Optimization

• Paid Advertisement 

• Social Media Marketing


Southern Illinois University: 

Bachelor of Arts (Specializing in Advertising) 


Lindenwood University: 

Master of Arts (Specializing in Promotions)